Friday, November 7, 2008

After a deep cleansing breath...

With the election 3 days past, I've gone through the gamut of emotions of sad, angry, indignant, mad and now calm aggressive. I am worried, truly worried about what Obama will bring to bear on my beloved exceptional country.

My fiends, I think I've been fooling my self about thinking that MaCain had the same philosophy as I do. He clearly does not, he fooled me into believing that he was conservative, he was not. And that makes me mad. Again.

The Maverick was only a maverick against his own party. The warning signs were always there, McCain Feingold...hello...McCain Kennedy. Gheez.

McCain was not my first choice of candidates. Rudy was.

But I had to go with my party. Barack Obama is all about everything I loath about politics, liberalism, Harvard snobbery and elitism.

Now I'm questioning my party... especially the ones that are trying to blame Palin for the loss. McCain blew it. Sarah kept it close, she's the real deal. I'm not buying the diva bullshit. She has an ego, she's a frickin' politician.

The McCain campaign never figured out how to harness that conservative energy. He took the conservatives for granted in his quest to favor the independents and swings. Fuck them.

John should played the conservative power play of the Reagan years. But there lies MY MISCONCEPTION.

That's not John McCain.

So, here's what I'm going to do in the four years of Obama... I'm going to get involved with my local Republican Party. I'm going to show these local yahoos how to really market a candidate without all the negative bullshit. Hell, I may even run for office. I will going to push for a more conservative party OR start a new Conservative party.

So what are you going to do?


blimazgan said...

Get involved Keidel. And if you get elected, and ever need an advisor on foreign affairs, you know where to find me!

Rick Lohre | Photography said...

HELL YEAH! Good to see another creative with the "right" viewpoint!